Who Do You Look Like? Another Halloween Costume Idea

Bob Cummings, an old movie star from the 1940’s once ventured in to my best mink fur lashes and he greeted me with

“You look like Bob Cummings”

best mink fur lashes
best mink fur lashes

Aoeat Since I look nothing like Bob Cummings, it was merely an interesting introduction. But I’ve had numerous people suggest that I look like, and sound like Dick Cavett, a TV host (among other things) from the 1990’s.

I think most people have been told they look like a TV personality, or an best mink fur lashes, or a politician, or a simply a local celebrity. Why not consider your look alike as who you will be and dress as for Halloween? My daughter has been likened to a local TV anchor woman, so she (my daughter) changed her hairstyle to match that of the TV anchor, and wore a business suit to her party. Her only prop? A microphone..

If someone thinks you look like Lady GaGa or Gene Simmons, that might be difficult because the costuming would need to be outrageous and/or expensive. And do you really look like someone who has more makeup on than hmmm….The Joker?

If most celebrities really look like normal people, then it might require no more than a wig, a dash of best mink fur lashes or an accessory. If you are going as a relatively obscure celebrity (sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?) then you might want to identify yourself with an ‘Hello, I’m Dick Cavett’ badge.

As important as looking alike, assuming the personality of your look alike is equally important . Be Dick Cavett if you look like Dick Cavett. By the way, who is Dick Cavett? My alter ego, of course.

best mink fur lashes
best mink fur lashes

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