Almay One Coat Mascara – clear band mink false eyelashes

There are many choices when it comes to mascara. You can choose from the high end department store brands such as Mac, Lancôme and Este Lauder to name a few. You can also choose more general brand names from places like Target, Wal-Mart and Walgreens such as Lorele’, Maybelline and Almay. Many people ask if there’s a difference in department store brands and over the counter brands. That would depend on whom you talk to, but we all know that there is a significant difference in price clear band mink false eyelashes.

clear band mink false eyelashes
clear band mink false eyelashes

Aoeat This review is going to focus on the Almay One Coat Mascara. Almay makes many different types of mascara, since they are targeting a lot of different people with different types of lashes, and people who want their lashes to look many different ways. Below are some pros and cons to help you understand a little bit more about their one coat mascara. These aren’t just our opinions, buy from opinions scattered all across the Internet.


Thickens lashes without clumps

One coat application – no need to reapply

Separates and lengthens lashes in one smooth stroke

Last throughout the entire day, without smudges and flakes

Very defining

Very easy application that gives great definition


Price not as moderate as other over the counter mascara’s, unless you find it in a two for one pack promotion clear band mink false eyelashes .

A little hard to remove

Must be replaced within three months

Can dry out easily – don’t leave the lid off for any length of time

Doesn’t have a very wide color selection

Many people who use Almay One Coat Mascara seem to agree that the product does what it says it will do. A lot of people are looking for a way to get longer lashes without applying mascara over and over, especially those with really short lashes. If you have short lashes it can be a challenge sometimes to find mascara that you can wear, without having to apply it several times. We all know that’s when mascara begins to clump, and that gets frustrating!

All in all, we find that the pros weight out the cons with this product. Many people seem to be able to apply the mascara without issue, leaving you with the appearance of longer, thicker clear band mink false eyelashes . This helps get relaxed, great looking clear band mink false eyelashes , that appear smooth and clump free.

clear band mink false eyelashes
clear band mink false eyelashes

We give Almay One Coat Mascara a 4 out of five stars!

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