LiLash – Long custom mink lashes for sale Without Extensions

Our eyes, the most sensitive area of our face is also a part we want beautiful, and makeup is a great help for that. However, our eyelashes are as important as our eyelids when it comes to the perfect look. Too often, our custom mink lashes for sale are too short to allow us the dramatic and gorgeous eyes we deserve. Hopefully, LiLash, purified eyelash stimulator has come on the market. A solution to have thicker, fuller and longer eyelashes. We will see here the strengths of this product and why it outshines other solutions such as eyelash extensions.

First of all, what will interest or makes you decide to try or not a product or service is the price. LiLash is $139.97, it is not cheap. But considering the price of eyelash extensions ranging from $200 to $600, LiLash gets an advantage. Plus one tube of LiLash lasts 5 to 6 months, so the investment is not so expensive.

custom mink lashes for sale
custom mink lashes for sale

Aoeat LiLash is used like any eyeliner, once dry you can apply your mascara. But since LiLash is an eyelash enhancer, you will use less and less mascara. You just have to start using it everyday and once you are satisfied with your length, just use it 2 or 3 times a week. It means you will even use less LiLash, for more savings in all your eyes makeup products.

LiLash is physician formulated and has been clinically tested and proven to be effective and non irritating for even the most sensitive eyes. The first results appears after 2 or 3 weeks, and many women report being fully satisfied after 6 to 10 weeks. Finally, Cosmetic Alchemy (LiLash maker) guarantees results in 90 days or your money back, making their offer even more attractive.

Overall, LiLash is a cheap solution, considering the time it lasts. It is the final answer for so many ladies who struggle to get the sexiest eyes. LiLash makes possible longer custom mink lashes for sale safely and quickly. Of course, there are cheaper solutions like false eyelashes, but that’s cheating ! Also, eyelash extensions add weight to your custom mink lashes for sale , causing more weakness and breakage.


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