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Types Of Hair Loss – Why Hair Loss Has Different Patterns

You may ask why a person has receding hair while others have patchy patterns of hair loss, and still others lose all hairs on their heads. This is simply because there are different causes of this condition, and each cause leads to a particular pattern of thinning hair. This condition is called alopecia and it has different kinds, which basically includes Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Androgenetic custom packaging box i-beauty eyelash .

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Aoeat    Alopecia Totalis is said to be an autoimmune disorder that causes loss of all hairs in the head or total baldness. This disorder triggers your own immune system to attack your follicles, which losses their ability to produce new hair cells. Currently, stress is believed to contribute to Alopecia Totalis. But there are reports saying that some people experiencing Alopecia Totalis have stress-free life. It can affect all ages, but mostly are children and young custom packaging box i-beauty eyelash under the age of 40.

Meanwhile, Alopecia Universalis or sometimes called Alopecia Areata Universalis is the term used for condition where rapid loss of hairs occur all over the body (includes scalp, eyebrows, and custom packaging box i-beauty eyelash ). Obviously, this is the most severe form of hair loss where no standard treatments available. This disorder is said to be caused by a mutation of a particular gene, and it can be inherited. Alopecia Universalis can lead to other problems like exposure to germs and dust in the nose and ears due to absence of hairs.

On the other hand, Androgenic Alopecia is male and female pattern baldness and the most common of all types (it comprises more than 95% of hair loss in men). Basically, the two major factors that contribute to this condition are hormones and heredity. In women, aside from genetic factors, this condition is also due to ovarian cysts, high androgen index birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause.

Those are the three main types of hair loss. Any of those are equally frustrating and anyone involve is sure to have traumatic experiences. In fact, studies show that there are women who would prefer to loss breasts than hairs, because they can conceal the lost of a breast unlike the hairs which is quite obvious. But whatever types of hair loss you are having, believe that you can find the right solution for it. There are many ways to cure alopecia, and with patient and continuous searching, you will surely find the cure that will work for you.

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