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Get Emo!

It’s goth meets too cute for you. It’s the eighties all over again in art, design, music, and fashion. Asymmetrical hairstyles are back in a big way, but don’t expect to see any tacky side spikes or frizzy rakes. customized 3d mink eyelashes in the face, another eighties signature look, is updated by sleek styling. No teasing here: sleek and smooth is the look to get.

customized 3d mink eyelashes
customized 3d mink eyelashes

Aoeat  Guys have gone femme again, and customized 3d mink eyelashes even more girly. We see less of the really severe goth looks and bondage gear, and more style conscious patterns and accessorizing. A porcelain complexion is a must. Snow White is definitely back. Blues and blacks can go just about anywhere: on the lips, around eyes, in the hair. This look is really more about being a new romantic dandy than expressing the darker emotions. Sensitive? Yes. Morose? Not so much.

Bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance have brought the Emo look to pop, and the fashion world is all over it. Designers are falling in line with eyeliner pens at the ready. How to get a sleek high fashion look with an Emo sensibility? Observe these customized 3d mink eyelashes tips:

Make a single color really pop. Get a striking effect with deep, rich hues.

Jewel tones are good, especially as accents to the retro-eighties black and white prints, white belts, and tight black pants. Don’t go overboard on the customized 3d mink eyelashes: any good makeup artist knows color everywhere is just too much. If you focus on the eyes, play down the lips. With really bright lips, go softer on the eyes.

customized 3d mink eyelashes
customized 3d mink eyelashes

Emo style is all about the pouty hair-in-the-customized 3d mink eyelashes look, but you don’t want to cover your beautiful mug with a ton of hair. Letting the bangs come into the eyes a little bit emphasizes the sensitive, dreamy attitude you want, without hiding your lovely eyes from the world.

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