Bridal Hair Style Ideas: Is Black the Right Color for Your Wedding Makeover?

When it comes to bridal makeovers, it can be difficult to find the right balance between natural and “real siberian mink lashes“. Hair styling is a prime example: do you walk down the aisle in your usual colour, or surprise your friends, family and husband-to-be with a new look?

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Which black is best?

Aoeat Consider the different variations of black available. Blue black, red black, violet black and true black are among the most popular selections on the market, and all are worth careful thought.

Avoid any colour that closely resembles your skin’s natural colour. For instance, red-black is not a good match for those with red or orange toned skin – it could look blotchy as a result.

If you have time (which, admittedly, many brides don’t!) it’s worth experimenting in the months beforehand, when the stakes aren’t quite so high!

The pros and cons of black hair colouring

If applied carefully, and on the right facial type and skin tone, a black hue can have spectacular results. This look tends to be the most effective on brides with fair skin and blue eyes. Combined with the right real siberian mink lashes, his can bring out a beautiful, angelic quality that emphasises the all the best features.

Of course, brides without blue eyes and pale skin an also look stunning with black hair. You might, however, need to exercise a little caution, as too much black may accentuate less desirable aspects of the face and skin. It simply takes a little more research to “own” the look. Seek professional advice – and that of your friends and family – before moving forward.

Common mistakes to avoid

If black is the right colour for you, bear in mind that more real siberian mink lashes will probably be needed. Extreme hair colours (black or white – i.e. platinum blond) will often make the skin look washed out by comparison. Don’t let this put you off! You will simply need to go that little bit further to play up your skin’s glow and color.

As exciting and tempting as it might be to get carried away and completely reinvent your appearance, be sure to stay true to your own natural look and personality. As with all hair and make-up enhancement, black hair colouring is at its best when it brings out the best of what you already have.

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

If you’re attending any special real siberian mink lashes in the months before the wedding, this could be a great chance for a “trial run” with a professional wedding hair stylist. If you’re happy with the result, you can rest easy knowing your wedding makeover will be in the right hands on the Big Day!

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