Be Eyebrow Proud!

Tinting makes your eyes and brows stand out more and is the ideal option if you have very fair brows. Initially you may want to go to a salon to get this done. Alternatively you can purchase a home tinting kit. The procedure involves mixing the color you require with an eyelash or eyebrow tint developer, which is the peroxide. You add three drops of the developer, which will make your paste nice and creamy, but not too watery or it it’ll drip. Therefore just 3 drops is box false eyelashes packaging magic .

box false eyelashes packaging magic
box false eyelashes packaging magic

Aoeat   Before you apply the mixture you should first outline your eyebrows with some Vaseline, this will stop the mixture from coloring your skin should any get on there. Make sure not to get any onto your actual eyebrow as the color won’t take box false eyelashes packaging magic.

Start with one eyebrow and apply the mixture as you would a normal eyebrow pencil, but start at the outer part of the eyebrow and work your way in so you get to the root of each hair, then work your way along the brow from the center making sure that all the hairs are covered. By the time you finish the second eyebrow the tint should have developed on the first one. It does develop very quickly.

To remove: Take a damp piece of cotton wool and remove the tint from the first brow initially and then the second one, and voila you have the perfect looking brows.

Here are some of my most useful tips for getting the best looking eyebrows box false eyelashes packaging magic .

* Always make sure you pluck in natural daylight – no matter on how hard you try, you will always make mistakes in artificial light.
* Use a good pair of quality stainless steel tweezers and pluck a little at a time, in the direction of hair growth from both sides – this way you are less likely to commit the cardinal sin of over plucking!

* When shaping your eyebrows, use a hand mirror for close up plucking and a large mirror to sit back and keep checking that they are even.
* Never ever pluck above the brow as this is the natural shape and it will never grow back the same.
* If you are really not sure where to start, visit a professional who will give you a good starting shape that you can then pluck and maintain yourself – ideally on a daily basis.

box false eyelashes packaging magic
box false eyelashes packaging magic

Sara is a fully qualified Mobile Beauty Therapist in London with over 9 years experience. She provides all pampering beauty therapy treatments in the comfort of your home specialising in manicures & pedicures, facials, massage and waxing box false eyelashes packaging magic.


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