double layer mink fur strip lashes Extensions for a Feminine Look –

Eyes speak a thousand words without uttering one and definitely, double layer mink fur strip lashes play a remarkable role in making your eyes impressive and rather attractive. However, thin or misshaped eyelashes can spoil overall facial appeal and make you look a dork among all others. Availability of eyelash extensions salon services offer is a cosmetic procedure. Trained therapists at salon provide numerous choices of designs, colors, lengths, curls, thicknesses, and shapes. However, it all comes at a price followed by a list of do’s and don’ts. Therefore, it is essential to understand them prior to heading to the salon for eyelash extensions for that killing feminine look missing from your attitude.

double layer mink fur strip lashes
double layer mink fur strip lashes

Aoeat Dos and Don’ts You Probably Do not Know About

Various myths are associated with eyelash extensions and typically, people who do not follow the post procedural methods meticulously spread them. For an example, pasting extension is the most common method of applying them. Therefore, you cannot drench them in water for the first 24 or 48 hours. People ignoring the basics land up with improper result and thus starts the spread of the myth. Here are some do’s and don’ts you ought to consider for lasting result and zero inconvenience.

Avoid contact with water at least for first 24 to 48 hours. This helps in proper adhesion of extensions. Contact with water may weaken bonding resulting in improper adhesion.

Avoid direct use of shampoo, hair conditioner, or oil based creams with the extensions. It will spoil the texture and overall appeal of the double layer mink fur strip lashes . Your eyelash extensions salon services specialist is the right person to advice on that.
Never pull eyelash extensions on your own. Pulling them may cause you to lose your natural double layer mink fur strip lashes fully or partly. Well, you have the option to undergo extensive eyelash rehabilitation you do not need otherwise.

double layer mink fur strip lashes
double layer mink fur strip lashes

Ask your salon specialist for additional or special care and follow those steps meticulously. Adhering to the instructions help you in gaining lasting results.
Wait for extensions to fall on their own or visit eyelash extensions salon services to remove them professionally. Impulsive actions can cause injury.
Visit your salon to attend touch up schedules without fail. Eyelash extensions last a month or month and a half. You need to maintain them properly for the vibrant look you have always craved for.

Flaunt and freak out, go out and impress people around you. No one can stop you when you are on it. Yes, wearing makeup is no huge deal. Do not forget to remove it with caution without disturbing the extensions double layer mink fur strip lashes .


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