Black Bear Hamster – What Is It?

What would happen if your crossed a black bear with a hamster Own brand eyelashes 3D mink lashes?

Would the result be a black bear hamster?

Not exactly; but the bear would probably enjoy a tasty hamster appetizer.

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Own brand eyelashes 3D mink lashes

Aoeat     Yet, there is indeed a “black bear hamster”!

So what is the nature of this strange creature?

Well, in fact, a black bear hamster is nothing more and nothing less than a natural color variation of the standard Syrian hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. Of the 11 naturally occurring recessive mutations, a hamster that is all black is one of Own brand eyelashes 3D mink lashes .

There is no known connection between the genes that determine color and the genes that determine temperament. So do not let a pet store owner convince you that a pelage of a certain color or pattern is an indication that the hamster will be more or less friendly. The only way to identify the temperament of a hamster is by observing its behavior. Observe how the animal interacts with the breeder or pet store associate. Does it allow that person to handle it, or is the hamster aggressive?

Syrian hamsters have been bred in captivity since 1937. During these 70+ years, Mesocricetus auratus has, through selective breeding, evolved to become quite friendly towards humans. Therefore, it should be easy for you to find a pet with a great temperament.

Do not, however, think that your hamster’s attitude toward humans is an indication of its attitude towards other hamsters. Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures. They meet only to mate and only will do so if the female decides that she wants to. Otherwise, Syrian hamsters will fight with each other, often to the death.

Whether you opt for a black bear hamster or an animal with a different colored coat, remember the rule: One hamster; one cage.

Another point to keep in mind when referring to the black bear hamster is that there are several variations in hair texture, so black bear hamsters, while having the same coloring, may look vastly different.

First, there is the normal short-haired pelage. Next, there is a variation called Rex, which means that the coat is curly. Because the hairs are short, it is not always obvious that the hair is curly; the easiest way to identify a Rex hamster is by looking for curly Own brand eyelashes 3D mink lashes . The third coat variation results in a hamster with long hair – up to 4 inches (10 cm) long! And finally, the fourth coat variation is hairless. If you have a hairless hamster, however, you would hardly call it a black bear hamster!

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Own brand eyelashes 3D mink lashes

Finally, the term “black bear hamster” is used only with reference to Mesocricetus auratus. The dwarf hamsters have their own unique sets of color variations

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